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FÖRCH offers what you need. FÖRCH delivers it.

Reliably and quickly.

Somebody meeting daily approximately 40.000 customer requests needs a lot of speedy hands and highly efficient logistics.

To ensure everything runs smoothly all cogs must mesh perfectly and precisely – as this is the case in the ultra-modern FÖRCH Logistics and Distribution Center, its high-tech picking warehouses that are unrivalled with its more than 100.000 containers that can be controlled fully automatically at any time. Operating units guide them at cyberspeed and one of 100.000 articles ends up shortly afterwards just where it is supposed to – just as it should be!. Best technology that serves the people and not vice versa. This saves time, avoids stress and reduces costs at the end – for all of us, FÖRCH partners and every single customer.

Almost unbelievable what is going on every day in the FÖRCH Logistics Center in Neuenstadt-Kochertürn. Germany. Altogether 100.000 containers are waiting in our small parts warehouse for articles to be taken out and sent to you as fast as possible.

10.000 parcels, 300 freight deliveries and 40.000 items per day speak for themselves and for absolute perfection when it comes to processes, technique and employees. With an average order lead time of 20 min. this can be hardly done any better and any faster. We know that you and your company need the workshop, installation or fastening articles as fast as possible, within 24 hours in the ideal case. Our more than 350 logistics professionals – starting from material reception over storage and commissioning, up to quality control and handing over to reliable delivery partners ensure the best possible service.
We ensure highest reliability for all aspects - you can also rely 100 % on the diligent Quality and Environmental Management certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 and 14001.

Logistics- Facts

  • Delivery rate / Service level:> 98,5 %
  • Number of jobs: 8.000 / day   2,0 m./year
  • Order items: 40.000 / day  10,0 m./year
  • Number of packages: 10.000 / day 2,5 m./yearr
  • Employees warehouse / logistics: 350