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The Variable Order System

Förch’s VARO-Storage System stands – as the term derived from “VARiable Arrangement System“ suggests – as hardly any second product for the variable companion in your company. Accordingly you can adjust it flexibly with regard to size and storage type to the requirements of each individual company or workshop structure – independent of your sector of activity or your company size.
The VARO-system consists of special elements that can be combined in a demand-and-consumption optimized storage system.
And what is best: you don’t have to buy your VARO-shelf system but you rent it at low rates. As long as you like, as many as you like and as fast as you like.
VARO can be combined perfectly with our excellent tool and account management.

Your VARO advantages:

Optimum use of space

  • Individual and space-saving installation in your garage
  • Modules which are adapted to our packaging
  • Easily extendable

Clear storage

  • ndividual modules for the different product groups
  • Uniform labelling of the bins

Low rate

  • No financing costs