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Comm.Vehicle High Perf.Grease S495 TRUCKline


  • For medium and heavy loaded lubrication points on commercial vehicles, construction and agricultural machinery
  • Silicone, acid and resin free
  • NLGI (DIN 51 818): 2
  • Marking (DIN 51 825): KP 2 P-40
  • Colour: yellow-brown
  • Observe the operating rules of the power unit and commercial vehicle manufacturers
  • Not suitable for lubrication points where greases are prescribed with solid lubricant content  

Art.-No. 6550 5770:

  • To be used only in Lube-Shuttle® System Grease Presses
    (Art. no. 2909 25, 2909 100)

Art.-No. 6550 5771:

  • For reloading of empty systemka cartridges with filling device and filling adapter  (Art.-No. 2909 85, 2909 85 1)
  • Benefit / Value
    • Mechanically stable lithium complex soap grease with a wide field of application and high load carrying capacity
    • Highest quality by adhering to the leading vehicle manufacturers specifications
    • Corrosion and oxidation-resistant
    • Water-resistant
    • Temperature-resistant from -30 °C to + 150 °C
  • Usage
    • For lubricating all lubrication points on machines and vehicles fitted with cone grease nipples acc. to DIN 71412, as for example wheel bearings, axle bearings, cardan shaft bearing, axle drive, tow coupling, wheel hubs, universal joints, suspension, lifting device, trailers, etc.
  Art. No. Art. Description Download data sheets QTY Quantity unit PU Packing unit    
COMM.VEH.HL-LUBR. GREASE S495 6550 5770 COMM.VEH.HL-LUBR. GREASE S495 Cartridge ed 24
(25KG)COMM.VEH.HL-LUBGREA.S495 6550 5771 (25KG)COMM.VEH.HL-LUBGREA.S495 Bucket 1