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Spray Primer


  • Highly effective, sprayable, solvent-bearing synthetic rubber primer
  • For the preparatory treatment of loose, absorbent, fibrous or sandy substrates such as soft fibre, composite wood and gypsum fibreboards, plaster, brickwork, porous concrete and concrete
  • For the efficient and professional bonding of FÖRCH window strips, air and windproofing products or sealants based on polyacrylate, synthetic and butyl rubber
  • Rotary spray head for horizontal or vertical tasks
  • Quick application straight from the can
  • Short drying times

Usage instructions:

  • Adhesion surfaces must be clean, dry and free of grease, ice and frost
  • Cover the adjacent surfaces and the floor
  • To prevent the valve feed tube or the spray head from becoming clogged with adhesive residues, after each spraying process turn the can on its head and spray until only blowing agent escapes
  • Wipe any adhesive from the outlet nozzle
  • Technical data
    Basis:Synthetic rubber
    Contents:400 ml
    Drying time*:5 – 15 min
    working temperature:+10 °C to +20 °C
    Maximum working temperature:+5 °C to +30 °C
    Temperature resistance:-20 °C to approx. +90 °C
    (shortly up to 100 °C)
    Shelf life:24 months
    *Depending on the temperature and air humidity
  • Usage