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Bluetooth Earmuffs


  • Wireless earmuffs
  • work – call – stream
  • Easy pairing with any Bluetooth device at the touch of a button
  • Range: 10 metres from a mobile phone
  • Swivelling, flexible boom microphone with wind guard
  • Noise-compensating, voice-optimised microphone for high sound quality, even in noisy environments
  • Volume control
  • Flashing coloured LEDs visually show different settings
  • Size adjustment for an individual fit
  • No battery replacement required

  • Technical data
    Standard:EN 352-1:2002
    Noise level limiter:85 dB (A)
    Energy:Li-ion battery
    Battery life:16 hours
    Weight:309 g
    Noise reduction values in dB
    H value:33
    M value:30
    SNR value:32

Scope of delivery:

  • USB cable
  • Charging device
  • Audio cable