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Dielectric hearing protection


  • Dielectric hearing protection (not conducting electricity) offers protection in the field of electrics 
  • Air flow control technology for optimum insulation in all frequencies 
  • Improved SNR value 36dB, for extreme noise pollution 
  • Ventilated head band inside reduces the pressure on the head and is breathable in both warm and damp conditions 
  • Dimensionally stable outer temples for even and minimal pressure 
  • Size can be adjusted for an individual fit
  • Technical data
    StandardEN 352-1
    Weight:306 g
    Insulating values in dB
    H-value:37 dB
    M-value:34 dB
    L-value:26 dB
    SNR-value:36 dB
  • Usage
Function Air-Flow-Control-Technology
The patented technology offer optimum insulation in all frequencies without having to change the size / weight of the muffs, The patented base plate chamber and a layer of high-tech fleece control the air flow in the muffs and therefore influence the way in which the sounds reach the ear. As a result, the overall insulation is better and more even with regards almost all noise-polluting industrial conditions. Due to the dimensionally stable and dielectric plastic design, the hearing protection muffs are suitable for daily needs and offer protection at the workplace when working with electricity."