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Earmuff CE


  • Earmuffs dielectric (electrically non-conducting) provide protection in the electrical field
  • Sound Management technology for communication in the workplace
  • Resilient external yoke for even pressure application
  • Peg-mounted muffs can be easily and quickly replaced
  • Size adjustable for individual fitting
  • Technical data
    Standard:EN 352-1
    Weight:208 g
    Insulating values in dB:
  Art. No. Art. Description Download data sheets QTY Quantity unit PU Packing unit    
EARMUFF 5402 5 EARMUFF Piece 1
REPLACE.CUSHION-SET 5402 2/3/5 5402 7 1 REPLACE.CUSHION-SET 5402 2/3/5 Piece 1

Contents Art.-No. 5402 7 1:

  • 1 x pair of muffs
  • 1 x pair of foam inserts

Sound Management technology:
Even insulation makes for better communication in the workplace. the Clarity blocks "harmful" noise but allows more natural, less distorted awareness of colleagues or instructions and warning signals and other high frequencies. Wearers do not feel isolated from their surroundings, thus making a contribution to safety.