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Disposable Overall - Category III


  • Material: microporous film on polypropylene spunbounded fabric
  • Breathable, lint-free overall with head
  • Basis weight: 65 g/m²
  • Elasticated at sleeve, cowl, legs and waist
  • Finishing strip over the zipper which goes down to the chinn
  • Antistatic according to EN 1149-1, electronical conductivity when correct grounding
  • According to european standard for personal protective equipment (PSA) against danger CE category III
  • Type 5: Protection against flying particles
  • Type 6: Limited protection against liquid mist

Application fields:

  • Associates with solid and liquid hazardous materials, decontamination processes (removal of dangerous contaminants), paint works, processes with hazardous materials in containers and pipes (without pressure) e.g. asbestos, pharma, nuclear, paints and colours, tank, sewerage and industry cleaning
  Art. No. Art. Description Download data sheets QTY Quantity unit PU Packing unit    
DISP.OVERALL C3 SIZE M (50-52) 5407 50 52 DISP.OVERALL C3 SIZE M (50-52) Piece e 10
DISP.OVERALL C3 SIZE L (54-56) 5407 54 56 DISP.OVERALL C3 SIZE L (54-56) Piece e 10
DISP.OVERALL C3 SIZE XL(58-60) 5407 58 60 DISP.OVERALL C3 SIZE XL(58-60) Piece e 10
DISP.OVERALL C3 SIZEXXL(62-64) 5407 62 64 DISP.OVERALL C3 SIZEXXL(62-64) Piece e 10